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Residents can enjoy a higher standard of living once they move to Heritage Square, freed from the responsibilities of maintaining their own home and able to participate in a broad range of programs and activities. Individuals and their family members consistently report that Heritage Square’s residents receive better nutrition and medical care than they experienced prior to moving in, and they thrive with a better quality of life.

What Residents say about Heritage Square:

“It’s a great place to live. They have done wonders for me.”

“People who work here are incredible; I have been to 2 other places and was awed by Heritage Square. No comparison.”

“Wonderful people here to care for us.”

“Need something? Heritage Square will get it.”

“Excellent care from nurses and C.N.A.s. Dietary does a great job with meals.”

“Perfect place for care and food.”

“Nurses and personnel are very considerate and helpful.”

“Next best thing to being in your own house.”

“They work so hard to be so generous with their time and spoil the heck out of me.”

“It’s a great place.”

“I feel like I am always on vacation. Everyone spoils me.”

“I should have made this my home years ago.”

“I love it here. There is always something to do”

“Where people care for you and about you.”

A family member’s comment:

“I have love and appreciation for the staff for all of their love and caring of my family member. This is the best place in the world to have a loved one.”

“Caring, kind, compassionate staff. He is receiving good care, we are very happy.”

A resident that has made Heritage Square her home for over 10 years:
“I am sure that I have lived longer than expected because I moved to Heritage Square. Here, I’ve experienced a reduction of responsibilities, less mental strain. Living here has freed up time for me to pursue satisfying personal activities, such as reading and writing. Around-the-clock nursing is a plus, and I have been able to continue an independent lifestyle.

A variety of beneficial and educational activities are offered. And at all times, one’s privacy is honored.

There is a home-like atmosphere here at Heritage Square. It is small enough to ensure opportunities to become acquainted with all residents as well as staff and other employees. At the same time, Heritage Square is large enough to offer all the necessary services – and more.

Come! Try it. You will like it!”

A resident that has made Heritage Square her home for over 10 years:
“One receives so much help from the staff and we are cared for so well at Heritage Square.

I do not have to mow the lawn, shovel snow, or care for a house. I have help with insurance forms, my laundry is done for me, and my meals are prepared. I do not need to pay real estate taxes or utilities.
Help is available at all times, if needed.